Amazing Leonard Da Vinci Models

If your child is fascinated by Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions, you might just want to take a look at these amazing models from Elenco — each one inspired by Da Vinci’s notebooks.

Each model is made of snap-together wood-look plastic parts, and is easily assembled. It also comes with a manual telling you a little bit about Leonardo and his invention, and how it has evolved into what we find in the world today.

I’m so fascinated by these, I’m tempted to buy a couple for myself!

#1Elenco Da Vinci Multiple Sling
Elenco Da Vinci Multiple Sling

#2Elenco Da Vinci Paddle Boat
Elenco Da Vinci Paddle Boat

#3Elenco Da Vinci Armored Car
Elenco Da Vinci Armored Car

#4Elenco Da Vinci Submarine
Elenco Da Vinci Submarine

#5Elenco Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult
Elenco Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult

#6Elenco Da Vinci Great Kite
Elenco Da Vinci Great Kite

#7Elenco Da Vinci Bombard Cannon
Elenco Da Vinci Bombard Cannon

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