Dora the Explorer Window Surprises Dollhouse

The Must-Have Dollhouse for Dora Lovers Everywhere

Is your child mad about Dora? If so, you’ve probably heard all about the Dora Window Suprises Dollhouse. This cute little dollhouse is just perfect for younger children, folds up for storage, and comes with a Dora figurine and a sofa for her new home. Want more furnishings? Well, good news — you can buy those, too!

Pictured: Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Window Surprises Dollhouse


Dora Window Surprises is Perfect for Dora Fans

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Window Surprises DollhouseFisher-Price Dora the Explorer Window Surprises Dollhouse

This cute little Dora the Explorer Dollhouse is modeled after Dora’s yellow house on the show. It folds up easily for storage, and is sturdily constructed. It comes with a Dora figure, and her own special couch, and a built-in fireplace and lamp that light up for the “night time” scenes. Best of all, you can change from daytime to nighttime — and from season to season — with the touch of a button.

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What’s Special about the Dora the Explorer Windows Surprises Dollhouse?

The Dora Window Surprises Dollhouse is a very special toy. With just the push of a button, your child can change the window scenes from daytime to nighttime, and from summer to winter. The sounds change too, and at nighttime the built-in lamp and fireplace will light up.

What else is special?

Besides the special windows, the dollhouse:

Is modeled after Dora’s yellow house in the TV show.

Comes with a Dora figurines and sofa. (You can buy more furniture sets and figurines to go with it.)

Is sturdily constructed for play by even very young children.

Has over 70 sounds built in, that change with the night/day and with the seasons.

Folds up compactly for storage.

What Do Parents Say about the Dora Window Surprises Dollhouse?

There are 28 reviews of the Dora the Explorer Window Surprises Dollhouse on This is what parents had to say:

Most parents felt that the dollhouse was sturdily constructed, and held up well to play by 2 to 5 year olds. One parent noted that the doors were actually screwed on, not just snapped together.
They were please that it was portable enough for the child to carry around to play with, rather than being a stationary model that took up half the bedroom.

Some were disappointed that it didn’t come with more furniture. (It comes with just Dora and a sofa, so if you want more you need to buy them separately.) It does, however, come with stickers that you can use to decorate the house.

A few felt that the dollhouse was overpriced. (This is a common complaint about practically all dollhouses. Actually, for a dollhouse, it’s pretty inexpensive.)

A few people noted that they had trouble with the window scroll, which apparently “sticks” from time to time. One reviewer said that she was told by Fisher-Price customer service to spray it with anti-static spray. She rubbed a dryer sheet over it instead and it worked like a charm. (I thought this was a great tip. It pays to read the reviews.)

Nearly everyone — even parents who weren’t happy with the product themselves, or with the price — said that their child absolutely loved it.

Dora’s window Surprises in Action

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