Harbinger Men’s Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Gloves

Harbinger 143 Men's Pro FlexClosure Gloves

Harbinger 143 Men’s Pro FlexClosure Gloves

During exercise training routines, you need a solid grip. If you’re into weightlifting, whether you’re new or an old pro at it, you know you need to hold on to those weights. You get a better workout with a steady grip.

Lifting weights and using the pull up bar is a great way to build that lean muscle you want for your body, but with all that lifting and tugging, eventually your bare hands will pay the price.

It’s not just that you’ll get blisters or that you’ll start to develop hardened areas of skin on your palms and fingers – after all, you can handle a few calluses. But what happens is that without gloves like Harbinger Men’s Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Gloves, you can lose your grip. Gloves give your hands and fingers more support.

These gloves keep your hands protected, but at the same time they bolster your gripping power. When you put your hands on the weights to grip them, all of that pressure from lifting is not just in your arm muscles. That pressure is really loaded in your hands and fingers. Most of us don’t have that kind of grip in our hands without support.

Now imagine that you’re working out and it’s hot. You’ve worked up a sweat and now the weight bar starts to get wet. Your hands are going to slide and you can lose your grip. When you lose your grip, maybe you’ll strain a muscle.

Harbinger 143 Men's Pro FlexClosure Gloves

Harbinger Pro FlexClosure Gloves are available in black, green, or natural, and in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

But it can be worse – you can drop the bar you’re lifting (especially if you’re lifting as dead weight). Without gloves, you lack support, power and a safety feature you need.

Since it’s true that one size doesn’t fit every user, you’ll find that Harbinger’s gloves come in various sizes. You’ll also get an adjustable wrist closure that will ensure the best fit for your hand. The palm of these gloves can handle the sliding and the wear that lifting weights and exercise training involve.

Because the gloves are ventilated, your hands and fingers will stay cool no matter how long or how hard you work out. Since the thumb is used as the stabilizer when gripping weights or in working out, it gets its fair share of pressure and is one of the first places a blister can develop unless you have the thumb cushion design that’s offered by the Harbinger’s gloves.

The gloves have less material for the fingers, so that you can get the best grip possible – and these gloves are able to be washed and dried, so they’re easy to keep clean and ready for your work outs.

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