j/fit Cushioned Grip Jump Rope

j fit Cushioned Grip Jump Rope

j/fit Cushioned Grip Jump Rope

Every kid can recall the time they spent jumping rope growing up. When you were a child you probably thought of it as fun, but the truth is that jumping rope has some serious health benefits and is a great exercise tool.

Using a jump rope is one of the easiest and cheapest ways that you can work out. But jumping rope isn’t any ordinary way of working out – it has a two-fold benefit. First, it offers great cardiovascular benefits and secondly, it firms a lot of muscles without any bulking issues. Another benefit is that it burns fat.

If you have a mental image of jumping rope only working the muscles in your legs and arms, that image is wrong. You’re getting a complete all over work out when you use a jump rope. You work every part of your arms – from your hands to your forearms to your biceps. You’re also using your core muscles, which means that your abs are getting tighter and firmer.

You’re working your legs from your thigh muscles on down and you’re also tightening your glutes, which will give your butt a firmer, shapelier appearance. Because of the muscle toning and the heart benefit with jumping rope, it’s a great tool to add to your exercise routine.

Of course, not all jump ropes are equal when it comes to using them for workouts. Some are just not constructed of good material and have uncomfortable handgrips – and you can’t use one size fits all jump ropes, because the height of the user needs to be considered.

So you want to get one that will help you and one of the most important aspects you should look for is one a jump rope that has an adjustable length. The j/fit Cushioned Grip Jump rope is one that will help with both strength and cardiovascular workouts.

This jump rope is made of lightweight material, making it easy to hold and use and it has comfortable foam handles. It comes in a length of 9 feet, but this length is easily changed to accommodate whoever is using the jump rope.

By changing the length of the jump rope, you not only make it convenient for the person using the rope, but you can also vary how intense the pace of your cardiovascular workout is. Regardless of how hard and fast you work out with your jump rope, just like when you were a child — even with exercise, jumping rope is still fun!

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