Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is available December 1st, but you can preorder now.

Just Cause 3 is the newest in a series that is hard to define. When one imagines this game, many words come to mind such as crazy, free, open, explosions, wacky, and more. Just Cause 2 was an absolute smash hit on all platforms it was released on, mostly due to the fact that it is arguably the most open world game of all time.

The map is one of the biggest in video game history. It is roughly 400 square miles, larger than all of New York City or Dallas. The island you play on is so large, it spans all sorts of biomes.

Just Cause 3

You have snowy mountains, tropical beaches and jungles, arid deserts, and more. To travel from one corner of the map to the other might take well over 45 real life minutes, even by plane.

Scattered about the vast wilderness are various towns, cities, and enemy outposts. The best way to travel around is by grappling hook. You can use it as both a weapon, and a means of transportation.

Just Cause 3

It is so much fun to zip across an outpost, latch your grappling hook to an enemy, and then shoot the other end to a statue, making your enemy dangle from it. There is also the brand new addition of a wingsuit, so you can glide from point A to B.

One of the biggest goals you have is simply to create chaos. It acts as a score system, so the more chaos you create, the better you’re doing. You can create chaos by blowing up various enemy outposts, causing carnage in cities and roads, and performing stunts.

Just Cause 3

The promo images for the game very accurately depict what it’s all about. You’ll see the main character firing a rifle on top of a bus, flying off a cliff riding on top of a sports car, and grappling out of a massive explosion.

The possibilities in Just Cause are endless. You can do anything and everything as your heart desires.

PreOrder Bonuses

You can preorder the Day One edition and get access to three unique vehicles — a boat with dual miniguns (and exquisite leather seats,) an ATV with a mounted machine gun, and a car with rocket launchers built in to the hood. These vehicles will give you the upper hand at causing mass chaos and destruction, making it very well worth the preorder.

There are two editions of the game: Standard, and Collector’s Edition. The standard one will include just the game and the vehicles if you preorder it. The Collector’s Edition will feature the game and vehicle pack, a 24” by 24” map of the island, a 32 page artbook, and a full size replica of the iconic grappling hook.

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