KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

A Kitchen to Delight Any Child

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is an adorable toy for young children, and will give your kids many hours of happy, imaginative, and productive play. It’s available in both pink and blue, and is sturdy and durable, as well as being just as cute as the dickens.

Wouldn’t your child just love a play kitchen like the KidKraft Vintage one?

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The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen is Heaps of Fun

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen - PinkKidKraft Vintage Kitchen – Pink

Oh, what I would have given for a play kitchen like this when I was a kid! Cute and compact, and just ready to provide your child with hours of fun, every single day. Oh, you think your child can’t be entertained every day by a single toy? Read the reviews below, and see what other parents have found out.


KidKraft Vintage Kitchen - BlueKidKraft Vintage Kitchen – Blue

It also comes in blue!


What You Should Know about the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

This darling Vintage Kitchen from KidKraft comes in your choice of pink or blue. It has doors that open and lose, knobs that click, and is constructed of sturdy wood parts that you assemble yourself.

Here are a few more details about the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen:

It measures 33 x 35.7 x 13 inches — just perfect for younger children.

It’s made of composite wood products, assembled with love by you.

It has doors that open and close, and knobs that click when you turn it.

It includes stove, sink, refrigerator and freezer, microwave, and additional storage above the stove and under the sink.

It has a cute pretend cordless phone.

The sink is removable for easy clean-up.

It’s available in both pink and blue.

What Parents Say about the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

The KidKraft Vintage Kitchen comes in both pink and blue — links to both models are provided below. The pink model has 193 reviews on, and has received a 4.5 star rating, out of a possible 5 stars. 173 of the ratings are for 4 or 5 stars. The blue model has received 17 reviews, with a 4.6 average. 16 of them are for 4 or 5 stars. As you can see, the product is pretty well regarded!

Most customers were really impressed with the product’s sturdiness and durability. One remarked that in terms of quality, it was really more a piece of furniture — on a par with a crib or a changing table — than it was a toy.

Nearly everyone agreed that the the kitchen was fairly easy to assemble, although it was time consuming. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to put it together.

Quite a few parents mentioned how glad they were that they had brought this product, instead of a plastic kitchen from another manufacturer.

Unlike some of the plastic models, this kitchen doesn’t have any sound effects (other than the clicking of the knobs.) One parent said that her child seemed to prefer friends’ kitchens that made frying and boiling noises, but several others preferred to have their child use his or her imagination.

This is definitely a play kitchen on the smaller side, so it’s best to get it for your child sooner rather than later. It’s perfect for children from about a year to about 4 years old, but a 5-year-old is going to be taller than the kitchen.

Many, many parents remarked that it was their child’s favorite toy, and that it was played with every day.

Some purchasers found that their kit included missing or damaged parts, which KidKraft speedily replaced. Everyone seemed quite enthusiastic about KidKraft’s customer service.

There’s a great difference of opinion as to the durability of the kitchen. Most people agreed that it held up well for years. A few people had problem with their children breaking the doors off.

Some parents bought the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen specifically because it was smaller than other kitchens, and fit into their home better.

You can read all the Amazon reviews here and here.

A Closer View of the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

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