Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

Normally, when people think of Pokémon, they think of the classic games in which you take control of a trainer, and train your Pokémon to be the very best. However, in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, you take control of a Pokémon.

In the Mystery Dungeon series, you are a Pokémon who has a small team of companions. You all go on — as the name would suggest — dungeon adventures. You explore and fight your way through randomly generated dungeons in a play style very different from regular Pokémon.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon As opposed to most Pokémon games, in which you take turns striking against each other and using items, Mystery Dungeon is a real-time RPG. The available characters to choose from include all 18 starter Pokémon from all of the games, as well as Pikachu and Riolu.

The dungeons you encounter are full of traps and enemies alike. The most interesting part of Mystery Dungeon is that the Pokémon actually have full-on personalities. In the normal games, they aren’t much more than outlets to beat your enemies.

In mystery dungeon, however, they have fully fledged, personified personalities. This is mostly due to the fact that you all can talk and communicate, so you get a feel for everyone’s emotions.

Pokémon has seen a huge improvement in graphic capabilities in the past couple of years. With the release of Pokémon X and Y, we saw the transition from 2-D sprites to 3-D character models.

This will similarly carry over to Super Mystery Dungeon. The gameplay is extremely innovative, especially considering that Pokémon seldom strays from its perfect formula. It is primarily mission-based, ranging from saving Pokémon to delivering items.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Upon finishing a job, you will be rewarded with some prize and Rescue Points – which are used to level up your team. When you engage in a battle, it actually takes place in the Dungeon Map, as opposed to the norm in Pokémon games, where you’re taken out of the map and into a separate battle screen.

You have a number of tactical commands to choose from, including attacks, items, and a screen to evaluate the status of your team. Every different game in the Mystery Dungeon series actually has its own unique story, so it’s much more than just mindless dungeon crawling.

In the first game, it involved natural disasters and a team of Pokémon called “Team Meanies.” The second game had a slightly more complex plot. Fans everywhere are now awaiting what story will unfold in Super Mystery Dungeon.

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