XCOM 2 is a direct sequel to the beloved strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The plot in XCOM is simple enough. Aliens invade, and all countries unite and put their faith in one crack team – The Extraterrestrial Combat unit, or XCOM.

XCOM 2Recruiting soldiers worldwide, you are the Commander, guiding your soldiers through various missions in an attempt to rid the world of the alien intruders while still managing resources.

There comes a point in the game where you have your A-Team set up fully, and have almost no backup. You’ll have about 8 high level super-soldiers, and the rest of your roster is the equivalent of privates.

You can bring up to 6 soldiers to a mission at a time, and you get to pick and choose their equipment, appearance, and which ones you want to take. It’s preferable to bring at least one sniper, a medic, an assault, and then the other three are up to you.

You can bring heavy troopers as well, but it’s not too important. Snipers, after a certain rank, can get a shot at any enemy that any of your soldiers can see, which is incredibly useful.

XCOM 2The medic obviously heals people, and can also throw out smoke bombs to blind the enemy and help your soldiers avoid getting shot. The assault is your primary trooper. They act as a scout and an up-close-and-personal type soldier, especially when armed with a shotgun.

When they reach higher levels, they can run very far, and still get a shot off, something no other class can do. They work well for going far distances so that your sniper can get a clear shot, as well as flanking enemies.

In XCOM 2, the story has gotten much more interesting. The once government-funded alien killing organization has been reduced to no more than a rebel force. The aliens are seemingly in cohorts with the government in a very conspiracy-sounding way.

You will not only be fighting with the enemies, but also with a group called ADVENT. They are the corrupt fighting force that enforces alien rule, but are still human. Of course, you won’t only be fighting the whole time.

You have to manage your base, build new rooms, pursue new scientific research, and have your engineers research and build new weaponry. One of the most appealing things about this new installment is that there will be mod support.


Previously, it was difficult for mod teams to change the game and improve it. Now, 2K has decided to work with these mod teams to allow a better experience for the player. If you preorder, you will gain access to the Resistance Warrior Pack.

You can customize your soldier in the new XCOM 2 game – with new outfits and war paint, and you even get a veteran from the previous XCOM game that you can put into your squad.

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